Expo 2020 Dubai Presents Shekhar Kapur and A.R. Rahman’s Why? The Musical.

Expo 2020 Dubai

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Expo 2020 Dubai Presents
Shekhar Kapur and A.R. Rahman’s Why? The Musical.

Have you forgotten what it was like when you were a child?
When the world was full of wonder?
When you reached out to the stars and held them in your heart?
When the earth was your playground, and not something to destroy?

Created and Directed by: Shekhar Kapur
Song Composed, Arranged and Produced By: A.R. Rahman
Produced By: Artists in Motion
Lyricist: Sohaila Kapur
Singers: Shubshri Kandiah, Arjun Chandy
Lyric Video: Artists in Motion

Executive Music Producer - Kevin Doucette
Music Supervisor - Hriday Gattani

Additional Vocals
Rianjali, Hiral Viradia, ElSE’ Choir

Vocal Arrangements,
Roshni Vincent & Arjun Chandy

Mixed & Mastered by Eva Reistad

Sound Engineers
Panchathan Record Inn, Chennai
Suresh Permal, Karthik Sekaran, Suryaansh

AM Studios, Chennai
Sivakumar S, Pradeep Menon, Aravind MS, Krishnan Subramanian

Musician Coordinators : Samidurai R, Abdul Haiyum, TM Faizudeen, Siddique

Recorded at the Firdaus Studio by A.R. Rahman, Expo 2020 Dubai

Firdaus Orchestra Conducted by Yasmina Sabbah
Firdaus Studio Team Headed by Kevin Doucette.
Senior Sound Engineer: Eva Reistad
Score Transcription - - Shubham Bhat
Sound Engineers: Navneeth Balachanderan, Peter El Khoury, Alexander Theux, Theodore Danso

@A. R. Rahman

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